Infographic design and distribution

Plough the web’s directory distribution service is designed for the small businesses to educate and engage their audience at a very affordable cost. Our process is crisp, clear and simple. We place infographics to the genuine websites and blogs. As a best infographic agency, every single website we use has the minimum page rank reaching your design to the targeted audience thus improving your business.

What to expect

Infographic Directory Submission
Infographic Distribution Service
High Page Ranking
Manual Submission
Affordable Price

Perfect way to reach your target audience


Best Websites

We do not encourage low quality inforgraphics directories. We submit your Infographics to the best and top Infographic websites.


High Page Ranking

We include every website with PR (quality of the website). Every single website we use has the minimum page rank.


Manual Submission

When it comes to SEO, we submit every inforgraphic manually using browsers to every website.

Infographic Directory Submission is simple, fast and flexible with ploughtheweb
Plans & Packages

  • Website Placement
    DA10+ Websites
  • ____
  • $70.00
  • Just $70 Per Placement 1 Infographic Placement
  • Manual Blogger Outreach Published on Genuine Blogs
  • 100-300 Words Unique Placement
  • Delivery approx 7 days
  • ____

  • 5 Website Placements
    DA10+ Websites
  • ____
  • $350.00
  • Just $70 Per Placement 5 Infographic Placements
  • Manual Blogger Outreach Published on Genuine Blogs
  • 100-300 Words Unique Placement
  • Delivered in approx 7 days
  • ____

We are simple, fast and affordable!!

1.Turnaround time – Since we carry our work manually we require 7-10 working days to send you the report.

2.Client Service – All our clients are 100% fulfilled by our customer service.

3.Affordable price – Checkout our cost with other companies and you will know we are the best providing you the affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an infographic placement?
It is placing your infographic design on any other website or blogs to increase your online presence and engage your audience.

What is DA?
DA means Domain Authority ( a Moz software metric). It measure the total number of root domains that link to various pages on a website.

What information do I need to submit you?
All you need to submit is your URL of the infographic which has been published so we can add you a brand link mention.

What is the next step after I place my order?
Our account manager go through your order, review it, and he will contact you for further details or process to do.c

Engagae your audience with our infographic placements – Infographic distribution service

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